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At September 11th, 2011, in a brief ceremony that was held in Bujinden Hombu Dojo, Soke Masaaki Hatsumi awarded Shihan Dean Rostohar with a very rare diploma called  “Shin Gi Tai Bufu Ikkan Menkyo “.


Soke is proud of Shihan Rostohar’s achievements

As Soke Hatsumi said He awards only his best and most loyal students with this diploma. In Bujinkan, only those practitioners who, both in Budo and in life in general, have achieved the highest level of development – the level of Shin Gi Tai (‘mind’-‘spirit’-‘body’), are being awarded with this diploma. Achieving the Shin Gi Tai  level means that the practitioner’s mind/spirit, body and actions/techniques became one. Among the practitioners of martial arts, this has been considered as the highest possible level and the greatest and most important achievement.

As Soke said, only few students have been awarded this Menkyo

Thus, receiving this award is an exceptional honor for Shihan Rostohar, but also brings the big responsibility for him and for true  Bujinkan in Croatia as well.

BuFu Ikkan Menkyo Diploma has a golden Mon (patch), which has been worn only by Soke Hatsumi

Celebration and lunch with Soke Hatsumi, Noguchi Shihan, Kan Shihan and Akira Shihan (made photo).

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