Davor Gašparović Shihan was born in Zagreb in 1973. In 1989. he signs up to a Ninjutsu club, which is, at that time, led and tought by Dean Rostohar, and he become his personal student (Uchi Deshi).

His love towards culture, history and tradition of Japan, which is present in him from his early days, helps him through his understanding of Ninjutsu and philosophy.

He folows Dean Rostohar Shihan through all the trainings and improvements.

With the opening of the first original Bujinkan Ninjutsu school in Croatia in 1993, he helps in its work and advances in his knowledge, and in 1994. he becomes Sempai (senior student instructor). In the same year, through his work and effort, he succesfully takes 1. Dan test and recieves a title Sensei.

Davor Gašparović Shihan is very dedicated and never misses a single training. He works very hard and is a very big help to Dean Rostohar Shihan in the development of Bujinkan Ninjutsu in Croatia and wider. He starts to lead the beginers group of students, and the number of the seminars where Davor perfects his knowledge and experience incrieses.

Davor Gašparović attends exactly 164 seminars in Croatia and abroad (Hungary, Austria, Slovenia Chech Republic) which were led and tought by many Bujinkan teachers like: Dean Rostohar Shihan, Sveneric Bogsater Shihan, Brin Morgan Shihan i Natasha Tomarkin Shihan, Bernard Bordas Shihan, Jack Hoban Shihan, Peter King Shihan, Arnaud Cosergue Shihan. He also attends many Tai Kai seminars led by Bujinkan headmaster Masaaki Hatsumi Soke (in Spain, Italy, France, Holland).

He distinguishes himself with his work and effort and becomes aid and deputy to Dean Rostohar Shihan, and the Secretary of the school. He follows him through all the travelings and improvements and helps in work and promotion of Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

After a while he takes the obligation of becoming Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Demo team trainer and he demonstrates and promotes Ninjutsu in Croatia and abroad (Hungary and Slovenia) through exactly 50 demonstrations, including television demonstrations.

Because of his knowledge and skill he is very respected, and he teaches on seminars in Kočevje (SLO), Vrbovec (CRO), Osijek (CRO), Zagreb (CRO), Lonjsko polje (CRO), Graz (A), Wienna (A), Debrecen (HUN).

In 2003. his dream comes true, and he goes to Japan to perfect his knowledge for the first time. In Japan he learns directly from Soke Hatsumi, and from the best Japanese Shihans: Yukio Noguchi, Toshiro Nagato, Hiroshi Nagase, Hideo Seno, Someya Ken’Ichi, Isamu Shiraishi i Oguri Koichi.

He passed the Sakki test (Haragei), the test of the killer intention, with Hatsumi Soke in Bujinden Dojo, Noda –shi Japan. He now carries the title Shihan and the level of 15. Dan Kugyo Happo Biken.

The teachings of Davor Gašparović Shihan are hard and realistic, but soft at the same time and he is well known by his Taihenjutsu technics. Because of his fighting methods and technics in the Dojo he is also known as The Ghost.

For his work, effort and knowledge he received many acknowledgments, plaques and written comendations.

Davor Gašparović Shihan is also one of the Specwog Instructors. From Shihan Dean Rostohar, who is Specwog Chief Instructor he learns and studies fighting methods of Special forces to expand his knowledge, skill, and perfect martial and warrior arts to improve on. Davor Gašparović is also one of the Specwog Instructors that tought Special Forces in Croatia.