Togakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken

“The Hidden Door School”

It is in fact one of the oldest ninjutsu schools. After a lost battle, Nishina Yukihiro, father of Daisuke, find a refuge in the mountains, and he find a village Togakushi on the Togakure mountain. There he met a priest by the name of So-o, who was practicing Shugendo religion, a religious practice based on magic. Yukihiro started to learn Shugendo and ninjutsu. Togakure Ryu was created by his son, Daisuke who changed his name in Daisuke Togakure, and he was the first Soke of Togakure Ryu.

Ryu is based on low and wide body positions,and powerfull strikes. It is a complete fighting system, in it there are many punching and kicking techniques, also techniques with sword, spear, kusarigama (a chain and a blade), and a secret weapon called Sanpo Hiden, which was characteristic only for this school . Sakki test (or a test of killer intention, where candidate sits with his back turned to Soke, who suddenly attacks the candidate, and a candidate is required to move from the cut) comes from Togakure Ryu. School has been passed on through the centuries, and Hatsumi Sensei is it’s 34-th Soke.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

“The Jewel Tiger School”

It is believed that this Ryu was created by the Chinese princess. The techniques came to Japan from China, during the T’ang dynasty, and it was brought to Japan by a Chinese priest called Cho Gyokko. 1.-st Soke was Tozawa Hakuunsai, but the first man who organized it as a Ryu was Sakagami Tari Kunishuge, who developed it and used between 1532. and 1555. School was then given to Momochi Sandayu, who was very famous ninja of his time. Momochi family handed the school down to the Toda family, so Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu gave it to his grandson Toshitsugu Takamatsu, and he gave it to his student Masaaki Hatsumi, who is the 28.-th Soke.

Gyokko Ryu uses circular and fast movements based on the attack to the opponent’s vital points, Koshijutsu Atemi Waza. It is also a complete fighting method, that combines techniques of unarmed combat with all kinds of weapons, such as sword, spear, long stuff etc.

 Kukishinden Ryu Happo Hikenjutsu

“The Nine Demons School”

It is believed that this Ryu also came from China. It is considered to be older from the Kamakura period, but first written materials date from that time. The emperor Go-Daigo gave the name “Kuki” to the Samurai Yasushimaru Takazaneu, who helped him in the battle, and the emperor sad that he fought like the nine deamon (“Kuki”). Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru organized the Ruy with all it’s specialties.

It is a complete fighting system, based on unarmed fighting, and spear-, short stuff-, long stuff-, and naginata (a kind of a halberd) techniques, also on the techniques of throwing projectiles, techniques that were used on battlefield, but also on strategy, use of fire and water, invisibility techniques, and disguise. The fourth generation, under the leadership of Kuki Nagato, formalised Kukishin Ryu completely. Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, studied Kukishinden Ryu Happo Hikenjutsu, under Kuki clan, and later he created a new system, called Kukishin aikido. There are several Ryuha (schools), but only a few of them kept the ninja tradition, and the rest of them lost or changed that aspect during decades. Dr.Hatsumi is the 28.-th Soke of this Ryu.

 Shindenfudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu

“The Immovable Heart School”.

The founder of this Ryu was Izumo Kanja Yoshiteru, who was also it’s 1.st Soke. He studied Chinese Kempo Boxing in the beginning. Some of those techniques can still be seen in this Ryu. The same person was also Soke of Kukishinden Ryu. School is specialized in jutaijutsu, and dakentaijustu, ie. throwing, holding and striking techniques. The secret principle of this Ruy is the principle of nature. One of of Jigoro Kano’s (the founder of judo), best student Takenaka Tetsunoke also studied Shindenfudo Ryu. Dr.Hatsumi is the 26.th Soke of this Ryu.

 Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken

“The Jeweled Heart School”.

The founder of this Ryu, and it’s first Soke was Sasaki Goeman Teruyoshi, who was also one of the Sokes in Gyokko Ryu. Gyokushin Ryu has many sutemi waza techniques, and it’s more focused on the art and techniques of espionage, rather than the fighting. School was taught secretely, and it mixed with other ninjutsu schools. Dr. Hatsumi is the 21.st Soke of this Ryu.


Koto Ryu Koppojutsu

“The Tiger Knocking Down School”

Koto Ryu came also from China, over Korea to Japan, by an Chinese warrior by the name of Chan Busho. It was many generations before Sakagami Taro Kunishige received it, and organised it as a Ryu. Soke of Gyokko Ryu Sogyokkan Ritsushi was also the Soke of Koto Ryu, but the schools were taught separately, and also the Densho (secret scripts) were given separately.

Koto Ryu is based on punchies an kicks, and it uses shirt distancies with fast and directed strikes – koppo – by which one breakes opponent’s bones. It has unique kenjutsu (sword techniques). Dr. Hatsumi is the 18.-th Soke of this Ryu.

Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu

“The High Tree, Raised Heart School”

The founder of this Ruy was Takagi Oriuemon Shigenobu, 1.Soke. It is considered that the teaching of the school started with the priest named Unryu, who lived in the Funagata mountains. He was expert in bojutsu (long stuff techniques), shurikenjutsu (throwing projectiles techniques), yarijutsu (spear techniques), and taijutsu (unarmed fighting), from the Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hiden, but also he used kodachijutsu (short sword techniques), hanbojutsu (short stuff techniques), tantojutsu (knife techniques), and toritsukejutsu. About 1640. the shool was further developed by 1.st Soke Takagi.

 In this Ryu one finds techniques of jutaijutsu and dakentaijutsu, and not using force is emphasized. There are also techniques from which aikido and judo later developed. Teaching is divided in six levels. Dr.Hatsumi is the 17.th Soke.

Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu

“The Truth, Loyalty and Justice School”

The founder of this Ryu, and it’s first Soke was Unryu Hangan Gikanbo, who lived about 1558. He was the daimyo of Kawachi province. The scripts say that his punch was so strong that he could break a sword in two parts. He was also a master of hichojutsu and shuriken throwing. Gikan Ryu has many special punchies, kicks, and throwing, as well as a special movement techniques. Dr.Hatsumi is the 15.th Soke of Gikan Ryu.

Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Hiken

“Hiding in the Clouds School”

Kumogakure ryu ninjutsu is complete fighting system. The 1.st Soke and the founder was Heinaizaemon Ienaga Iga. Fighting techniques are similar to those in Togakure Ryu, so it’s considered that these two schools mixed during a certain period.

Kumogakure Ryu uses techniques with spear, sword and also yoroi (armor). There are special weapons for this school like for example Ippon Sugi Noburi. Dr. Hatsumi is the 14.Soke of this Ryu.