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On 17th January 2012. at 21:35 pm (Japan time), after a long and heavy sickness, forever left us Koichi Oguri Shihan. Koichi Oguri Shihan is one of Japanese respectfull Shi Tenno. He was Soke Hatsumi student and a friend more than 40 years, with whom he passed many good things.


Visit Takamatsu Soke-u 1971. Shihan Oguri is behind Takamatsu Soke

Although we did not practiced so often with him, we highly respect him and learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher, very good and kind person always willing to help and give advice. We were experiencing him as a humble, silent, somewhat withdrawn person, but a good person and skilled teacher. We will always have him in nice memory.


Shihan Koichi Oguri & Shihan Dean Rostohar in training 2000.

Unforgetable moments, Hatsumi Soke, Oguri Shihan, Nobi San & Sayaka Chan (daughter of Oguri Shihan) with Croatian team (Shihan Dean Rostohar, Shihan Davor Gašparović & Hana Demoli Sensei) on lunch 2010.

We deeply regret his loss and we wish to express sincere condolences and respect to the Oguri family.


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