Kunren Shugyo in japanese terminology means studying of training. The way of training and practicing of Ninpo Budo taijutsu in Bujinkan, is very different from learning in other martial arts. Considering Ninjutsu is a warrior art, our goal is not competition, but self perfection, of our spirit, body and character – the hole being. Bujinkan Ninjutsu is actually what a warrior art should be – the mean to get to know yourself, develop your mental and physical strenght and gain clear understanding of life. Bujinkan Ninjutsu is a unique warrior art which enables a person focused on maturing to gain their full physical and mental potential. Those who don’t have sharp spirit and pure heart can not survive long in this art!

In Ninjutsu so called Shigoki training is very important. Shigoki means learning through real fight which comes with great amount of pain and danger, so that we can understand better and develop our abilities. To understand the meaning of the word Shigoki, and with that also the essence of the word, we have to divide it to ideograms: Shi = death – dying, Go = wisdom – enlightment, Ki = spirit – mind.

Technics with traditional japanese weapons are taught in Bujinkan, such as japanese sword – Katana or Ninja Ken, then Yari – spear, Tanto – knife, Kusari – chain, and a lot other, however Ninjutsu is an art which has developed through centuries and applied novelties and it still does. Therefore in todays time we use some modern weapons and tools such as various pistols and revolvers, various rifles and automatic rifles, etc.

This art has also been acknowledged and trained by many modern top Special army and police forces like for example US Navy Seal’s, US Rangers, US Delta Force, British SAS, French GIGN, Spanish skydivers, Israely Mossad and Yamam and many more.

Besides when we talk about weapons, it’s not important what kind of weapon you have in your hands, but how you use it.

For understanding this warrior art it takes years of everyday learning, hard exercise and personal training. It’s an art for the whole life. Many give up (even many masters (!?)), but those who achieve certain level understand that Ninpo Budo taijutsu is, besides of being a warrior art, also a philosophy for life.

Before someone decides for this kind of training and studying of this art, has to have a decisive attitude, because the training in our school Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Croatia is very demanding, exhausting and dangerous. Training without marks, pain, sweat, blood and sacrifice is not a training.

Training in Bujinkan is like life itself, full of opstacles and very difficult; one who finds strenght to physically and mentally go through those opstacles, will be able to solve problems in life the same way.


Considering that Ninjutsu is a warrior art of self-defence and survival, many think that today it has no application except in war conditions. However, Ninjutsu is not only an art of combat, it also teaches us how to understand the Universe, develop our physical and mental potentials and balance, preserve good health, develop our own creativity and joy of life, just as enthusiasm and positive spirit, open our self to the outside world and develop communication, enrichen our personality, develop self confidence, nobility and ourselves as a whole person.

This art teaches us how to become a better person through it in every aspect. Those who don’t have honest and pure heart and open spirit can not honestly look deeply inside themselves and throw away their ego and as such can’t survive long in this art, or they just follow the wrong path.

Ninjutsu is very cruel, but also very honest to us, just as life itself. It teaches us how to accept hits from our adversary and from faith and how to fight back. It teaches us to accept the pain as a part of reality, not to give in in front of opstacles, but with every opstacle and problem in front of us to grow more as a human being. Every problem that comes in front of us in life has it’s reason. Solving and accepting these problems, psycologicly we become stronger and better. The weaker ones give in to self-pity.

Today it’s an honour to train Ninjutsu, a warrior art. Therefore, by training and understanding Ninjutsu we enjoy the joy of life.

As we have mentioned earlier, Ninjutsu martial art is not a sports discipline and it’s goal is not a sports result. The goal of this martial, or better yet, warrior art is to teach the individual how to defend himself from an attacker in a real situation with the least damage to himself, and with the maximum damage to his attacker. That’s why it is said that Ninjutsu is not “a pretty” art, because it’s goal is not to impress, but to survive. However, that’s not all.

Bujinkan Seishin Dojo gives it’s students a possibility to become physically ready, strong and skillfull, and in the same time to develop all the virtues and beauties of a human being, such as honesty, tolerance, simpathy, integrity.

How can this be achieved? Just like achieving master level in any art isn’t easy, so mastering the art of Ninjutsu is a hard work that requires dedication. However, what is achieved at the end of the road, the feeling of inner peace, self-confidence, perfect control over your own body at any moment, positive attitude and joy of life, gives us the strenght to go on in the moments of weakness during our training. What we get, we get for a lifetime.

Today, far from great battles and the need for Ninja warriors, there is also a questionable opinion of the need for this kind of arts. However, no one can predict if he will find himself in an unpleasent situation where he will must defend himself, where he will be in danger for his life where endurance and agility will equal survival. The art of Ninjutsu is much more then recieving and giving hits and handling weapons, it’s an attitude towards life, the way of life, a life’s value.

Ninpo is a unique warrior art and can not be compared to any other art and no other art is like it.

Therefore come with an open mind and heart to engage into a fight with yourself, to become a better person through this warrior art because Ninjutsu is not the goal, but a mean to get to know yourself and bring your qualities and potentials to unlimited heights.

Because all of that we refer to a saying of the teacher of our teacher – Toshitsugu Takamatsu “The mongolian tiger”, the last true Ninja: “You are all small and meaningless as insects, but when a small insect climbs on a horses tail, he can travel very far!”