A lot of Kunoichi or female Ninja were used during a long period of history. Kunoichi also took important parts in Ninja families or clans of feudal Japan.

 Chiyome Mochizuki, the wife of Shogun Moritoki Mochizukija, founded one of the widest network of female Ninja agents during the province wars in Japan. Chijome organized her operatives to be guardians of temples, oltars and sanctuaries, and they were called Mikko. They could move freely all over the country and had access to many places, because the community respected them at that time, and they didn’t draw to much attention.

Aspireing to gain valuable informations, politicians in power and participants of battles for power, often confided such tasks that the Ninja couldn’t complete, to Kunoichi. Assignments where it was neccesary to use female intuition and that had to be done at places where women could easily get in without the fear that someone could suspect why they are there, were confided to Kunocihi. They often used their charms as Concubines and Geisha to gain various informations and if necessary or the assignment required they would kill or mutulate enemy commander or person in power.

There were missions of espionage nature or ordered hits, which only the Kunoichi could complete, because of the advantages of her gender, and where men had no chance of success. There was a saying in feudal Japan that there was no castle guarded well enough that the Kunoichi couldn’t enter.

However, female Ninja were also trained in almost complete training like the male Ninja. They also had to go through long and exhausting trainings, physical and mental preparations. But tactical and pshycological trainings were emphasized more, so that they could manipulate the enemy.

The education of Kunoichi was concetrated on small weapons for close combat and use. So they were masters of Yagen (pharmacy and making poisons, various potions and herbs and drugs), Kayaku jutsu (making and setting up fires and the use of explosives), Bo ryaku (strategy), Inton jutsu (evasive technics, technics of hiding and camouflage), Shinobi iri (technics of stelth movement and ways of breaking and entering), Tanto jutsu (technics of using knife/dagger), Shiruken jutsu (the art of throwing blades and missiles), etc. A lot less attention was paid to large weapons such as swords, spears, sticks, although that was not rare too.

However, to cover up her actions, Kunoichi was also taught the technics of dancing, singing, playing instruments, the tea ceremnoy and more.

Some of the weapons specifically used by Kunoichi were needles which were usually put into the hair to hold it up, but in a certain moment they could be swiftly pulled out and stabbed into the victims body. Such needles were usually covered with strong poisons that could cause instant death. Another Kunoichi weapon were Neko-te, the claws that were put on the fingers and were used to scratch the victims. Most of their physical abilities they used only as a last resort, in selfdefence, applying attack technics without hesitation and in combination with psychology and surprise factor.

Todays Kunoichi trains and applys her skill on a very different way than her historical predecessor. She now trains Ninjutsu to enrichen her life devoting to an ancient warrior art, because of recreation, physical condition, selfdefence, spiritual development and building self-confdence.

However, there is a bond between the Kunocihi of the past and of the present. They are both Warriors!  

In Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Croatia great attention is given to girls. Today they don’t complete missions like their historical predecessors, but practice to gain self-confdence, positive spirit, develop their physical and phsycological potentials, their skill, and ultimately, for selfdefence. The skill they learn on trainings can help them a lot in every day life.

On the other hand, it looks like Ninjutsu is made specifically for them, because with minimum of strenght they can create a lot of damage to the potential attacker.

Great number of girls comes to the our school, but only the most persistent ones stay. With their effort, work and skill they equally stand beside their male colleagues and participate in hard and exhausting trainings, seminars and also on demonstrations where they represent this Warrior art.

In Bujinkan Croatia we are very proud of our girls, their work, knowledge and effort!