The most important Ninja weapon is his body and mind.

However, Ninjas also used many weapons and tools (Ningu) to complete their tasks easier. There was no limit for Ningu.

Ninja used many weapons and tools that varied from very large ones to tiny ones. Their weapons and tools could easily be hidden and used in many different ways. So, some of the tools were weapons and other way around. Many tools were covered so that it couldn’t be noticed that the object is actually a weapon.   Ninja used various tools and weapons that can be devided to the categories of: projectils, flexible weapons, hard weapons and blades, fire and explosive weapons and combined weapons.

Ninjas were inovators which, according to their time, invented many weapons and tools from which some are used even today by many Special forces units all over the world. These are only some of them that helped the Ninja to be the best warriors of their time.

Most of these weapons are trained and taught in Bujinkan Dojo’s.

Projectile weapons:  

  • Shuriken – small metal multi spike stars that were used for throwing at the attacker
  • Shaken – small metal blades that were used for throwing at the attacker
  • Token – small knives for throwing at the attacker
  • Makibishi and Tetsubishi – small iron spikes that could be used for throwing at the attacker, and were also used to throw on the ground so that the attacker would step on them
  • Igadama – iron balls with spikes also for throwing at the attacker
  • Dokubarinage – poisoned metal needles for throwing
  • Fukiya – a long blowing pipe for blowing out poisoned darts
  • Yumi to Ya – bow and arrows, that could have different purpose (explosive, smoke…)

Flexible weapons:  

  • Manrikikusari – chain with balls on both ends, different length and shapes, and in combinations with other weapons and tools
  • Nawa – rope for tieing the attacker and other purposes (climbing, traps…)
  • Toami – the net for throwing and for catching the attacker, and for close combat

Hard weapons and blades:  

  • Bo, Jo, Hanbo, Rokushakubo, Tambo, Jawara, Daisharin – sticks of various width and length for technics of hits, leverages, etc.
  • Ninja Ken – short Ninja sword with one blade, used not only for cutting and stabing, but also for digging, climbing, etc.
  • Yari – Ninja spear with different blades, for combat, but also for climbing
  • Naginata – Hellbard, a blade with a long handle for fighting
  • Kunai – Ninja dagger for various purposes, digging, climbing, breaking and entering
  • Tanto – Ninja knife for cutting and close combat. . .
  • Tekken – Ninja boxer for close combat
  • Tekagi and Ashikagi – blades for arms and legs, used for climbing, but also for close combat
  •  Jutte – Ninja metal baton for close combat and technics of taking away blades. . .
  • Tessen – metal fan for close combat
  • Ono – big war axe for close combat
  • O tsuchi – big war hammer for close combat

Fire and explosive weapons:  

  • Kakae-ohzutsu – big wooden canon for distance shoooting
  • Tanegashima – long fuse rifle
  •  Jirai – land mines
  • Dokuen – smoke granades
  • Sodezutsu – wooden hand launcher
  • Naggedeppo – hand granades
  •  Teppo – pistol

Combined weapons:  

  • Wakizashi teppo – pistol hidden inside a short sword
  • Mezashi – a stick with a hidden dart
  • Shikomi-zue – a sword hidden in the stick
  • Shinobi – zue – various blades, chains darts hidden in stick different size
  • Kusarigama – metal sickle with a metal ball and a long chain
  • Kyoketsu shoge – a curved blade knife on a log rope with a metall ring
  • Konpi – a hook with a chian and a ring