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A seminar named Ninpo Seishin Kai, organized by Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Rijeka & Shidoshi Ho Robert Hrastić, was held from June 24th – 26th, 2011, in Čižići, at the island of Krk.

The seminar was well organized. Depending on their wishes, some participants were accommodated in tents, in a camp on the courtyard where the training sessions were held, while others were staying in the apartments.

This seminar was led by our dear friend and teacher Shihan Sveneric Bogsater, Kugyo Menkyo. For Shihan Sveneric, this is the fourteenth year of visiting Croatia and holding seminars here.

After a series of seminars held in Zagreb, organized by Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb, and then in Pakrac, organized by Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Pakrac, the next series of seminars led by Sveneric will organized in Rijeka, by Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Rijeka. In this manner, Shihan Sveneric will also have the opportunity to see the beauty of whole Croatia.

At the seminar, Shihan Sveneric taught  the techniques and principles of Kihon Happo, Ten Chi Jin ryaku no Maki and Sanshin no kata. He mentioned that Bujinkan theme of this year is Kihon and pointed out that Kihon is very important for the proper understanding of Ninjutsu. He noted that many students neglect Kihon and therefore generate a lot of errors in their understanding. Great attention was devoted to Kuden and Kudensho  (oral transmission of knowledge), so students could understand the philosophy important for these warrior art.

Despite the strong sun and heat, all the participants gave their best to learn this art properly, and to practice it as they should.

The organizers gave the dear guest the opportunity to see the beauty of this part of Croatian coast. Thus, they have organized a sightseeing tour of the Island Krk, by road and by sea. Organizers have rented a boat and took Sveneric Shihan to a trip, to show him some interesting sights. Despite the wind and waves, this trip was interesting and the whole crew had a lot of fun and.

The local food specialties were also presented to Shihan Sveneric, so he could enjoy the Croatian cuisine.

This Ninpo Seishin Kai seminar was attended by fifty participants from Hungary, Serbia and all BSD Dojos from Croatia. All the participants were very pleased with the seminar and with everything they have learned.The whole seminar passed in the atmosphere of friendship, with lot of fun, joy and laughter.

We thank the organizers who made great efforts to organize this seminar: thanks to Robert Hrastić, Oleg and other students of BSD Rijeka. See you next year!

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