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A Bujinkan Ninpo Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu seminar, led by Shihan Dean Rostohar Shinryu, 15th Dan Kugyo Menkyo, was held in Budapest, Hungary, from October 15th-16th,2011. The seminar was organized by Bujinkan Seijin Dojo & Bujinkan Musharei Dojo and Shidoshi Ho Gabor Daranyi & Bothazy Botond. This was the second seminar led by Shihan Dean Rostohar after the return from his annual study visit to Japan.

The seminar was held in Bujinkan Seijin Dojo’s training place. During the two days, forty participants, coming from Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, attended the seminar.

At the seminar, through Kihon Happo Omote and Ura waza, Shihan Rostohar was teaching the combat techniques, principles and tactics, covering also the instincts that are important for combat. He taught a lot using the Kuden and Shinden manner, through the philosophy and psychology of fighting. Also, through the techniques of Kihon Happo, Shihan Rostohar taught these principles with the use of various weapons, eg. Tanto, Hanbo, Katana and a gun. Being well known for his Shinken Gata manner of teaching, Shihan Rostohar has again given the participants the opportunity to experience the feeling of Shinken Gata.

All the participants were delighted with all these things they could learn at this seminar. Many of them have realized the importance of Kihon Happo. Unfortunately, just a few people really understands the crucial importance of Kihon Happo. Takamatsu Soke has once said that the Kihon Happo is generally very important for the proper understanding of the Martial arts.

Seminar participants were especially delighted with Kuden and Shinden taught by Shihan Rostohar, because the teachers that teach in this manner and have the proper understanding of Kuden and Shinden are really rare. Thus, this seminar has opened the participants to the new views of this warrior skill.

Another seminar, organized by Shihan Rostohar’s students from Hungary, is already scheduled for the next year. This seminar will also be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Thanks to Gabor and Botond for organization and seminar. Thank to Kinga for her always nice and kind translations. Also thank to all students who participate this seminar and make seminar great.


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