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After the invitation from from Oni Yama Ryu Hombu Dojo, a Bujinkan Ninpo Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu seminar, led by Shihan Dean Rostohar-Shinryu, 15th Dan Kugyo Menkyo, Shibu Cho Bujinkan Croatia, was held in Izernore, France, from September 24th-25th, 2011. The topic of this seminar was Shinken Gata Taijutsu through Kihon & Bikenjutsu.

 While Shihan Rostohar was in Japan, Soke Hatsumi asked him to teach the true Bujinkan. He did it because of Shihan Rostohar’s extensive knowledge, experience and skills. Soke has also pointed out that it is very important for Bujinkan practitioners to train with true JuGoDan, like Shihan Rostohar.

 This was the first seminar held by Shihan Rostohar after the return from his annual Japan study trip. Also, for Shihan Rostohar, this was the first time that he was teaching & holding seminar in France.

 The seminar was attended by seventy participants, coming from Colombia, France, Hungary and Switzerland. All the participants were delighted with the Shihan Rostohar’s teaching and with the whole seminar. Therefore, another seminar in Izernore, also to be held by Shihan Rostohar, is already scheduled.

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