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A Bujinkan Ninjutsu seminar, organized by Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo & Shihan Mats Hjelm, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from October 29th – 30th, 2011. The seminar was led led by Shihan Dean Rostohar – Shinryu.

Shihan Rostohar has been holding seminars in Sweden for a number of years. During the two days, this seminar was attended by 25 participants, coming from Croatia, The Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. Among the participants of the seminar which training in Bujinkan was police and military personel, as well as protection service.

After a request from the Mats seminar organizer and due to the great interest, the topic of this seminar was fighting with the knife and a gun. These are the weapons of contemporary times – i.e. these weapons are nowadays used very often. Due to the increased crime rate, the seminar organizers decided that this topic should be covered in details, to give the seminar participants the opportunity to grasp the principles of using these weapons and thus to enable them to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Shihan Rostohar was teaching the principles and techniques of defense from the knife, disarm an attacker and general use of the knife. He also taught the principles and techniques of fighting against an attacker armed with a gun, gun close combat, disarming attacker with a knife with gun, etc. Moreover, Shihan Rostohar was teaching a lot of Kuden, including the philosophy and psychology of fighting, and the importance of tactics and awareness in fighting against these weapons (i.e. the knife and the gun).

Seminar began with a short presentation which included the video clips from the security cameras, showing the various kinds of real attacks. Shihan Rostohar was commenting and explaining the video clips, making the real danger of being attacked during their every-day activities closer to the seminar participants.

All the participants were delighted with the seminar. They were also delighted with Shihan Rostohar’s manner of teaching and holding demonstrations and with the experience and skills he has shown.

A day before the seminar, Shihan Rostohar’s friend Paul, who training and compete in IPSC shooting for a long time, organized a shooting training with Shihan Rostohar. The training was held at the shooting range. At this training, the some members of Army Forces from The Netherlands were present, together with Shihan Mats Hjelm, the seminar organizer. At the shooting range, Shihan Rostohar has demonstrated some of the techniques and principles of fighting with a gun.

Thanks to Mats, Tony and Paul for the excellent organization and for all the efforts!

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