In Bujinkan, for all dedicated students, the seminars are the indispensable part of study. The seminars are organized to give the students the opportunity to learn the techniques and skills they practice and study during the regular training sessions, but at seminar these are expanded, taught in the different manner, or at a higher level. The seminars are very strenuous and demanding forms of training and learning. They offer a lot of knowledge to all the interested students. However, the reasons for coming to the seminar, and also what will a particular student learn by being involved in the seminar training, depend on the student.

Seminars usually last 1-3 days and in most cases they are held during weekends. At seminar, all the demonstrations and everything what is taught is covered more quickly than at the regular training sessions. Teachers and instructors demonstrate much wider range of principles, more techniques and the teaching is generally more extensive. This is done to offer the students more knowledge during the short period. At the seminars, the training usually lasts 5-7 hours per day, sometimes even more, depending on the type of the seminar. The purpose of these long training sessions is to give the students the opportunity to observe and try a lot of different techniques and principles related to a specific seminar topic. In this manner, they get the opportunity to learn more and also to see how they can apply all that what they have already studied and learned, but in different manner. At the same time, the students have the opportunity to realize what they have to practice more in order to successfully follow the level of teaching at a particular seminar. Generally, the level of teaching at seminars is usually higher compared to the level of knowledge and skills possessed by most of the students.

Also, the attendance of seminars gives the opportunity to learn all these skills taught inside Bujinkan not only from the teachers they regularly study with, but also from other renowned teachers. Different teachers differ in knowledge and experience, and from each of them a prospective student can learn something important for his/her own development, both as a martial artist and as a person. Each seminar is unique, just like every training session is also unique. That means that there do not exist two ‘same’ or ‘identical’ seminars, regardless of the fact that the main topics of these seminars can be the same.

If you have missed a particular seminar, you may never have the opportunity to learn that what was being taught and practiced there. This also applies to each training session.

Also, the seminars make the opportunity for ‘socializing’. There you may meet the people that you would have never met otherwise, and thus the new friendships are born among the students and practitioners of Ninjutsu Warrior Art. Therefore, the seminars give the opportunity for making friendships, and, even more important, for sharing experiences and knowledge that makes advancement in this skill easier for all of us.

Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb organizes the seminars also to give those students who cannot attend all the regular training session held in our Dojo the additional opportunities to complement and expand their knowledge and skills. Attracted by the high quality of instruction and teaching that is offered at all the seminars organized and held by Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb many students come to these seminars not only from the Croatia and neighboring countries, but also from all over the Europe and around the world.

Being truly dedicated, the students of Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb have organized numerous seminars and participated at them, in order to increase their own knowledge and understanding of Ninpo Budo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu Warrior Arts. Up to now, the teachers and students of Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb have organized and / or participated in a total of of 242 seminars, held both in Croatia (Zagreb, Oprtalj, Umag, Sisak, Delnice, Žumberak, Zadar, Vrbovec, Osijek, Pakrac, Lonjsko Polje, Rijeka, Zagreb, Split) and abroad (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Serbia, Finland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, and Switzerland). These seminars were led by many renowned and highly respected teachers of Bujinkan, including the teachers from Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb, and teachers from abroad as well.