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Invited by his friend Shihan Dean Rostohar, Alex Esteve, Shihan 15th Dan, Shibu Cho of Bujinkan Koryu Dojo from Spain, has made a visit to Croatia. Shihan Rostohar has invited Shihan Esteve to hold a Tactical Combat seminar with Specwog. During this stay in Croatia, Shihan Esteve has also held a training session in Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Zagreb.

Shihan Rostohar and Shihan Esteve know each other for a number of years. They have met during their regular study visits to Japan, at the training sessions. Also, after the invitation from Shihan Alex Esteve, Shihan Rostohar has held a number of seminars in Spain.

Eduardo de Cobos and Manuel Jubero Carmona (see more info at Specwog’s website) have been accompanying Shihan Alex Esteve during his visit to Croatia.

Shihan Alex Esteve has been practicing Bujinkan Ninjutsu for 24 years. He had made numerous study trips to Japan, learning from Hatsumi Soke and also from other highly regarded Shihans. A great deal of Shihan Esteve’s teachings comes from Shihan Someya Ken’Ichi.

Shihan Alex Esteve has been very highly regarded in Bujinkan for his knowledge and skills. He has written one of the best books in Bujinkan, a book named Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu – Exploring the essence of the Martial Arts. Soke Hatsumi has awarded Shihan Esteve with a Golden Dragon Medal for writing this book.

Shihan Alex Esteve was the guest at the BSD Zagreb regular training session at Friday, November 11th, 2011. After the request from Shihan Rostohar, he has also been teaching and demonstrating. Shihan Alex was teaching the techniques through kyu sho and through the principles, giving the great attention to Kuden. He also talked about the Bujinkan topic of the year, sharing his experience from recent stay in Japan.

All the students from BSD Zagreb were delighted with the techniques shown. They have expressed their delight with Shihan Esteve’s visit. It gave them the opportunity to see other Shihans teaching and performing the techniques. Unfortunately, all the students of BSD Zagreb were not present at this training session.

The possibility of holding a seminar led by Shihan Alex Esteve in Croatia next year has also been discussed.


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