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A two-day Bujinkan Ninpo Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu seminar, organized by Bujinkan Ukraine Dojo & Shidoshi Ho Alexander Mavrin, following the invitation from Shidoshi Valeri Momot from Ukraine, was held from June 16th–17th, 2012, in Kiev, capitol of Ukraine. Shihan Dean Rostohar – Shinryu, 15th Dan Kugyo Menkyo, Shibu Cho of Bujinkan Croatia, was leading this seminar. This was the fourth time that Shihan Rostohar held a seminar in Kiev, and that fact makes this seminar already a traditional one. The seminar was attended by fifty participants, coming from Belarus, France, Kazakstan, Russia, and from all over the Ukraine.

At this seminar, Shihan Dean Rostohar was teaching the Biken Jutsu, Iai jutsu and Shindenfudo Ryu Ken Jutsu. Also, through the techniques of fighting with Katana sword, he was teaching the philosophy, the principles and philosophy of fighting.

All the participants were delighted with the seminar. They gave their best to understand and learn as much as possible, and to practice all that was shown and demonstrated. The organizers did their job very good again, so, just like during the previously held seminars, everything went fine. At the end of the seminar, all the participants expressed the wish that Shihan Rostohar visits Ukraine again.

Shihan Rostohar rarely awards the titles and rankings at seminars. Generally, he awards the titles and rankings only to those persons who have shown that they deserve these rankings, at the basis of their knowledge and skills, their efforts, hard work and significant experience. Shihan Rostohar ‘stands behind’ the each title and each rank he has ever awarded, and because of this, the rankings are awarded rarely, only to those people who, in his opinion, truly deserve them.

For Shihan Rostohar, is very important to know his students well, and to know well all the people who are learning and practicing with him for years. Besides having the necessary knowledge and skills, all the persons that are awarded with rankings must prove both their integrity and their humanity. Thus, Shihan Rostohar is testing all the people who are learning from him and practicing with him.

At this seminar, Shihan Rostohar awarded 7th Dan to Shidoshi Valeri Momot, for his knowledge, skills, efforts and hard work. According to him, Soke Hatsumi is very pleased that the students of Bujinkan in Ukraine are learning from Shihan Rostohar, thus expanding their knowledge and skills.

During last few years, it became obvious that the practitioners of Bujinkan (and beyond) very highly regard the experience, knowledge and teachings of Shihan Rostohar. Therefore, many interested participants attend his seminars, wishing to improve and expand their own knowledge and skills. At this seminar, Shihan Rostohar was also invited to hold a seminar in Kazakhstan next year.

Shihan Rostohar thanks all who organized the seminar, and all who participated. Thanks for the efforts, hard work and training! Also, warm thanks for all the hospitality and friendship!



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